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The brewery

We are the proud owners of a 500L, triple tank, stainless steel brewhouse with a bright copper clad exterior. This means that it not only makes great beer but it looks amazing doing it at the same time. In the back of the brewery we keep four 800L fermentation tanks and four 800L lagering tanks. With all this we should always have fresh beer brewing and even fresher beer that's getting ready to be poured straight into your glass.


The Brewer : Gareth Stewart

Meet the brewer. All the way from Ireland with over two decades of experience of the pouring and selling beer, he eventually decided to start making it himself. So with knowledge gained from years of homebrewing and brewing courses taken at the prestigious school in Berlin, the VLB, he has been brewing here for over six years now. 

Always trying to find the recipe that's better than the previous batch. Loves a hazy IPA but is very content to sit in the sun with a well made lager or even the occasional pint of stout.

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